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Rigel Vela Charter



Welcome on board


Sailboat cruises in the wonderful Tuscan archipelago,

in northern Corsica and the coasts of Sardinia.

If you love the sea and want to spend unforgettable days
on board a sailboat, you’re in the right place.

We are a family-run yacht charter company moved by the passion for the sea.
We rent sailboats with or without crew and organize cruises on weekends or for whole weeks.


Whether you are skilled sailors or beginners,
you will find the right boat for every need.


Our sailing destinations start from our base, placed in San Vincenzo harbour, in Livorno area, and get to the Etruscan Coast, to the Tuscan archipelago, Corsica and Northern Sardinia.

You just have to choose a direction and follow the compass…



All our yacths are sanitized before each check-in with an Ozone treatment

Ozone is a gas composed oxygen. It naturally forms in the atmosphere thanks to the electrical discharges.

Ozone is able to eliminate any polluting or harmful element such as viruses, mites, insects, spores, molds, harmful chemicals and even smoke and smells.

Furthermore, it manages to act even in the most hidden and difficult to reach areas, impossible to thoroughly sanitize with a classic cleaning.

Being an unstable gas, a few minutes after use, the Ozone released into the environment transforms into normal Oxygen, without leaving any type of trace or chemical residue, without leaving unpleasant smell or stains on the fabrics.


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